Ex-Terror Police Chief Urges New Laws to Tackle ‘Shocking’ Scale of Extremism Currently Legal in UK

An independent review published on Wednesday by the UK Commission for Countering Extremism has revealed that people were able to ‘glorify terrorism’ and vent ‘racial hatred’ online without prosecution due to existing legal loopholes.

The scale of extremism manifest online has left a former UK anti-terrorism police chief “shocked” and urging the swift introduction of new laws to tackle the issue, reported the Independent.

“I have been shocked and horrified by the ghastliness and volume of hateful extremist materials, and behaviour which is lawful. Current legal boundaries allow extremists to operate with impunity,” said Sir Mark Rowley, who led UK Counter-Terrorism Policing from 2014 to 2018.

The lead Commissioner for the Commission for Countering Extremism (CCE), Sara Khan, and Sir Mark Rowley, published their findings on Wednesday from a legal review examining the ‘adequacy of existing legislation in relation to hateful extremism’.

Rowley was appointed to lead the review in July 2020.

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