‘Mental Typo’ or Occasional ‘Racism’? Public Not at Ease as Biden Heard Uttering ‘N-Word’

Incumbent US president was previously the one who said during the August 2019 town hall meeting in Iowa that “poor kids” were just as intelligent as “white kids” – the phrase that has sparked a lot of questions among observers.

It was probably just a gaffe when Joe Biden used a hateful slur during his video appearance at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday. But many who analysed his speech were left uncomfortable after hearing a problematic N-word from the Democrat president.

Toward the end of Biden’s 18-minute speech viewers heard:

“Look, the range of challenges Europe and the United States must take on together is broad and complex. I am eager to hear, nig**r [sic] here next from my good friends and outstanding leaders such as [the German Chancellor Angela] Merkel about her thoughts and the way forward.”