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Iran Stops Implementation of Protocol Allowing IAEA Snap Inspections, in Line With Last Year’s Law

Iran earlier announced its intention to end the implementation of the Additional Protocol that greenlighted the UN nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), to carry out snap inspections at the country’s nuclear facilities.

On Monday at 20:30 GMT, Iran’s restrictions on IAEA snap inspections at nuclear facilities came into force, in line with a law passed by the country’s parliament in late 2020.

Earlier during the weekend, IAEA head Rafael Grossi visited Tehran to agree on site inspections, with meeting results praised as a “significant achievement”. The UN nuclear watchdog and Iran settled on a temporary technical deal for up to three months.

After the meeting with Grossi, it was agreed that Tehran would restrict IAEA’s access to footage from surveillance cameras installed at some nuclear sites. If sanctions are not lifted in three months, the footage will be deleted.

The move, however, does not restrict inspections under the comprehensive Safeguards Agreement (CSA).

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