‘I Don’t Know’: Biden’s AG Pick Dodges Issue of Whether Illegal Immigration Should Remain a Crime

President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Justice Department, Judge Merrick B. Garland, who was earmarked to serve on the US Supreme Court back in 2016, only to have his nomination blocked by the Senate, has been facing two days of questioning at his confirmation hearing before a Senate panel.

Former judge Merrick Garland, nominated by President Joe Biden to lead the Justice Department, seemed wary of pledging himself to any specific course of action on a number of challenges as he faced the Senate Judiciary Committee for his confirmation hearing Monday.

​Garland, who has served for more than 20 years on the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, was grilled, among other issues, on illegal immigration, after President Biden announced earlier that he would pursue comprehensive reforms to immigration laws to ostensibly lay out a more “humane” and “just” system.

As senators questioned Garland, who during the administration of President Bill Clinton served as a senior official in the deputy attorney general’s office, his favoured response seemed to be “I don’t know”.

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