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Fish Contaminated With Radiation Caught in Fukushima Prefecture in Japan

Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture, still struggling from the consequences of the 2011 “Fukushima 1” nuclear power plant (NPP) disaster, saw a severe 7.3 magnitude earthquake last weekend. According to later reports, some of the radioactive water from the plant has spilled from storage containers.

For the first time in two years irradiated fish have been caught in the waters of Fukushima Prefecture in Japan, NHK TV-channel reported on Monday, citing a local fishing association.

According to the broadcaster, laboratory tests of sea bass showed that the content of radioactive cesium was five times above permitted levels. Consequently, local fishermen have temporarily suspended fishing for this species in local waters.

Earlier, the NPP operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co., reported that levels of cooling waters had fallen in two reactors, indicating further damage to reactors in the first and third blocks caused by the recent powerful earthquake. Shortly after the natural disaster, a small amount of water, contaminated with radiation, was reportedly released from Fukushima NPP’s containers.

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