Did Anthony Scaramucci Take Satire About Trump Wanting to Name Kids to Supreme Court Seriously?

The US Supreme Court on Monday greenlighted a handover of Donald Trump’s tax records to New York prosecutor that the ex-president has long tried to oppose, calling the investigation into his business deals “a fishing expedition” and another part of “the witch hunt”.

In a satirical piece for the New Yorker, comedian Andy Borowitz joked that Donald Trump’s “greatest regret” as American’s commander-in-chief was not naming his children Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. to the US Supreme Court, following its Monday ruling allowing New York prosecutors to obtain the former president’s tax records.

Borowitz “cited” the ex-president’s claim “on Fox News” that his three children apparently could have turned out “way better judges” than “those three clowns” he named to America’s highest court – referring to Trump’s nominees Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

“Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett are the worst people who have ever worked for me. And that includes Scaramucci,” Borowitz ‘quoted’ Trump as saying – a remark never to be found on the Fox News.

But Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s fierce critic and one-time White House Communications Director, who was sacked in July 2017 just ten days after being appointed, apparently took the columnist’s words seriously:

“Donald Trump. Thank you Mr. President. It is an honour to be included in that esteemed group who stuck to the law and defended the Republic,” the ex-official said on Twitter, citing Trump’s alleged ‘quote’.

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