The Evidence is Huge: FBI Uses Doctored Photo Showing Naked Man in Complaint About Capitol Riot

More than 100 people have been charged so far for breaking into the Capitol on 6 January. The incident left dozens injured and five people dead – four civilians and one police officer. The Democrats accused former President Donald Trump of encouraging the protesters and introduced an impeachment article against him.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation have found another individual, who took part in the storming of Capitol last month. The problem is when FBI officers filed a criminal complaint they didn’t notice that the photo they used in the document featured something bizarre – instead of the portrait of a 19th-century Republican Henry Clay Sr., which adorns one of the walls in the Capitol, there was a portrait of a black naked man.

​According to the Daily Mail, the photo was sent to the FBI by co-workers of the perpetrator named Brian McCreary, who identified him after seeing photos of the storming of the Capitol.

Seamus Hughes, deputy director of George Washington University’s Program on Extremism, was left bewildered after seeing the photo.

“I’ve studied extremism for 15 years, I’ve reviewed mostly every court record for decades. I can honestly say very little surprises me. That said, I have absolutely no idea what to say about the internet image the FBI used in a criminal complaint of the picture hanging on the wall”, Hughes wrote.

The news certainly left netizens open-mouthed in wonder with some saying they can’t believe the agency made such a blunder.

​Others noted that there was nothing wrong and imagined how a judge would react to the evidence

​However, many users were angry with the FBI and criticized the agency for sloppy work.

​Others joked about Donald Trump’s taste in art.

​Still others can’t figure out what is wrong with the image used by the FBI.

​The perpetrator Brian McCreary,33, from Massachusetts was charged with two counts of illegal entry and three counts of disorderly conduct and violent entry. However, he insists he is innocent. McCreary told officers he was more of an observer, who recorded the actions of protesters.

His colleagues told FBI officers that McCreary himself told them he participated in the storming of the Capitol and sent videos showing protesters forcing their way into the building.

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