‘For The Many, Not The Few’: Jeremy Corbyn Outlines Vision For the Future With New Project Launch

Following the 2019 election, in which the Conservatives won an unexpected 80-seat majority, Jeremy Corbyn stood down as Labour leader. Many of his policies have now been re-administered into a new project which saw it’s first launch event on 17 January.

Former UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn launched ‘The Peace and Justice Project’ in a virtual event on Sunday, hosting key guest speakers such as academic Noam Chomsky and former the Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis.

The Unite the Union trade union general secretary, Len McCluskey, and Labour MP for Coventry South Zarah Sultana also spoke at the project’s launch, outlining a four-point plan which would continue the policies pursued by the party during Corbyn’s tenure as leader – economic security, international justice, democratic society and climate justice.

​Ronnie Kasrils, who served under Nelson Mandela as South Africa’s Intelligence Minister, cited the struggle against apartheid and against the Vietnam War as an example of the “anti-imperialist” positions the project will be carrying forward. 

“If we wish to talk about courage, under fire, we note the women, the men, and children of Palestine, facing the bombs and bullets of Israel, refusing to submit”, he said.

Kasrils criticised the “new leader of the Labour party that ousted Jeremy in an atrocious coup”, in reference to Keir Starmer’s seizure of the parliamentary whip position from Jeremy Corbyn in November 2020.

Corbyn’s new work has also pledged to oppose Rupert Murdoch’s plans for a TV news channel and “unaccountable” media companies amid approvals for News UK TV by Ofcom and Andrew Neil’s new GB News.

​Len McClusky praised Corbyn for shifting the discussion on the policy of austerity, which built a cross-party consensus over cuts to public services in a purported attempt to pay off the national deficit.

The Unite leader said the Labour MPs would deny supporting the strategy and that “you couldn’t even find many Tory MPs or Lib Dem MPs who would indicate” that they supported austerity once Corbyn came to power.

​Coventry South MP Zarah Sultana narrated her entry into politics during the austerity years of the Conservative-Liberal coalition before going on to slam the response by the Boris Johnson government to the coronavirus pandemic.

​”We know that before the pandemic hit, the NHS had been underfunded, privatised, while staff were underpaid”, she said.

She blamed the PM Johnson government’s initial pursuit of a “herd immunity strategy” for the widespread cases of coronavirus in the UK when compared to other countries and accused Conservatives of being more concerned with business profit than science.

“In short: public health needs to be the priority, nor profit”, she said.

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