Trump Has ‘Menace of a Mob Boss’, But Shouldn’t be Prosecuted, Says Ex-FBI Boss Comey

Former FBI chief James Comey, now a vociferous POTUS critic, was fired by Trump in 2017 after the agency launched a probe into the Democrats’ allegations that Russia had interfered in the Republican president’s campaign to boost his chances of winning.

Launching a criminal impeachment case against the outgoing US President could result in several more years of the “Donald Trump show,” giving him the attention he so badly craves, says former FBI chief James Comey.

This would potentially overshadow efforts by incoming President Joe Biden to “unite America” and is “probably what [Trump] would want the most,” claimed Comey, who was controversially booted out by the POTUS in 2017.

In a Sky News interview, the ex-FBI chief voiced the opinion that Donald Trump craves attention like a toddler.

“I have never seen an adult with a greater hunger for affirmation than Donald Trump. I’ve seen it in two-year-olds and three-year-olds. Affirmation is like air, he needs it constantly,” insisted Comey, whose book, Saving Justice: Truth, Transparency and Trust, was published on 12 January.

Comey slammed the president as “the dictionary definition of a demagogue,” who “aimed not just to lie to people but really to destroy the notion that the truth exists.”

“There’s a menace to him in private that you don’t pick up in public… But I have felt it sitting close to him, that constantly reminded me of a mob boss because I’ve known mob bosses and helped put them in jail. That menace coupled with that hunger for affirmation is a really dangerous recipe,” he said in the interview.

‘Letter ‘I’ Tattooed’

Weighing in on the controversy around the twice-impeached POTUS, Comey added that Trump is “constitutionally immune” from prosecution as president, but that this will end when Joe Biden assumes office on 20 January.

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