Belle Delphine Causes a Stir Online by Responding to Backlash Over Her Risque Photos

In one of her previous remarks on Twitter, Delphine compared claims about her enjoying “consensual non-consent” and “promoting rape” to “the argument that violence in video games promotes violence.”

Social media personality Belle Delphine, who made headlines in 2019 for selling her bath water, has addressed criticism she recently received on Twitter over some raunchy pictures.

The images in question, which some netizens argue cross the line, show Delphine being kidnapped by her alleged boyfriend and whisked away to the forest where the couple have sex. The mini-photoshoot was captioned “My perfect first date <3.”

In response to the backlash, she tweeted a short video titled “Twigger warnwing :3” showing a man wearing a balaklava grabbing her by the hair from behind and brushing her teeth.

Many netizens support Delphine’s move, with some lambasting “cancel culture.”