Alleged Rape Victim of Tory MP Claims Police Did Not ‘Take Case Seriously,’ Seeks New Investigation

Last year a senior Tory MP was accused of raping a former parliamentary researcher. The case was ultimately dropped in December due to a lack of evidence but there’s a chance it might be reopened.

A woman who accused a top Conservative politician of rape claimed on Sunday that the police didn’t take the investigation seriously and has demanded the case be reopened.

According to the Sunday Mirror, an unnamed source said that the woman had experienced “utter hell” and has been the subject of verbal, mental, and physical abuse.

While the case was dropped in September, the alleged victim’s mother claims police brushed off evidence as hearsay and suggested her daughter should drop the case.

The newspapers also reports that the alleged victim says the police ignored phone records and text messages and that detectives failed to interview 14 people who apparently  have evidence to support her allegations.

The former aide has hired top lawyer Nigel Edwards QC to fight her corner.

Under the Victim’s Right to Review scheme, the decision not to pursue the case further could be overturned. If successful, detectives would be obligated to relaunch the investigation.

The unidentified MP, who was arrested in August last year, could then face trial if the authorities prosecute him. If found guilty, he could be hit with a life sentence. 

Allegations put forward by the former parliamentary researcher, include that she was sexually assaulted four times between July 2019 and January 2020, including an incident that put her in hospital.

According to the Mirror, her mother says she discovered her daughter “in shock and sobbing” following one attack

The woman is “devastated” that her alleged attacker was not suspended from the Conservative Party following the accusations.

“It’s insulting and shows they never cared,” she said to The Times.

The accused MP has denied all allegations. Chief whip Mark Spencer said the incident was a matter for the police.

A Conservative spokesman stated that the party takes “all allegations of this nature extremely seriously. As this matter is now in the hands of the police it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

The accused had his bail lifted and was allowed to return to Parliament in October.

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