Video of Enigmatic Object the ‘Size of Car’ Spotted in Florida Sky Triggers UFO Speculations Online

The strange object was described as “silent and stationary,” disappearing and then reappearing while glowing yellow, red, and white.

Several weeks after a strange object was caught on camera floating in the sky in Hollywood, Florida, blogger and UFO hunting enthusiast Scott C. Waring has reported another strange sighting in the area.

According to an eyewitness’ statement cited by Waring, the UFO was spotted on the evening of 12 January, displaying “three rows of lights underneath (yellow, red, white)” – it was “silent and stationary,” even as it disappeared and then reappeared in a different location before vanishing for good.

“This is a very colourful UFO, and its size is about the size of car, so it can’t be a drone,” the blogger mused. “Drones buzz around, make a loud noise and tilt from side to side when they move. Never saw or heard any of that here in the video. Absolute proof that aliens are in Florida.”

Social media users commenting on the clip posted by Waring on YouTube seem just as confused.

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