After 20 Years in Jail, Washington Sniper Has Married a Trust Fund Baby and Could Be Freed in 2022

Over a three-week period in 2002 the suburbs of Washington DC were terrorised by a sniper who killed 10 people and injured three others, including a 13-year-old boy. A massive manhunt was launched amid fears the killings were linked to Islamic terrorism.

The relatives of those who were killed in the Washington Sniper attacks in 2002 have been warned one of the two men convicted could be freed from prison as early as next year.

Lee Boyd Malvo, who was 117 days shy of his 18th birthday when he was arrested in October 2002, was jailed for life without the possibility of parole.

Malvo carried out most of the shootings, under the guidance of John Allen Muhammad, who was executed for his part in the spree in 2009, aged 48.

In 2017 the US Supreme Court ruled life sentences without parole were unconstitutional for juveniles and then, in February 2020, the state of Virginia passed a new law that people who had been under 18 when convicted could be considered for parole after serving 20 years of a life sentence.

In March last year Malvo, 35, got married to Sable Knapp, 30, the granddaughter of one of Iowa’s wealthiest property developers, Bill Knapp.

Knapp is an activist on a number of political issues and was arrested in 2016 for during a Black Lives Matter protest in Portland, Oregon. 

Malvo married Knapp – who has described herself as a “trust fund baby” in a civil ceremony in Virginia’s Red Onion State Prison.

Knapp has advocated for equality and wealth redistribution and against injustice and racism.

Malvo was born in Jamaica and, according to the Monster: DC Sniper podcast,  suffered a great deal of abuse at the hands of his violent mother Una.

He met Muhammad in 1999 while living in Antigua and saw him as a father figure.

The pair moved to the United States in 2001 and Muhammad, a member of the Nation of Islam, began indoctrinating him and training him how to use a Bushmaster XM-15 sniper rifle.

In October 2002 they travelled from Tacoma, Washington to the east coast of the United States and began the spree of crimes which would make them both notorious.

Muhammad bought a blue Chevrolet Caprice car and made alterations to it which allowed a sniper to lie down in the trunk and fire the Bushmaster rifle through a tiny hole in the chassis without being seen by anyone.

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