Twitterati ‘Resurrect’ Roosevelt as US GOP Lawmaker Calls Trump ‘Most Masculine’ to ‘Ever Hold’ WH

Theodore Roosevelt, who most netizens reckon to be more masculine than Trump, is known to have been shot in the chest by a handgun in 1912 and then subsequently delivering a speech, continuing to speak and carrying the bullet inside his body for the rest of his life.

On Monday, when speaking to Fox News, former US deputy White House press secretary and US Republican politician Hogan Gidley described the outgoing president, Donald Trump, as “the most masculine person to ever hold the White House” when asked whether Trump felt “emasculated” after his social media accounts were banned.

The assessment immediately caused waves on Twitter, with crowds of netizens sharing their views on masculinity and how much of it can be found in Trump or any other president of the United States.

Among others, it was Theodore Roosevelt who, according to the Twitterati, would like to “have a word” with Gidley regarding his opinion on masculinity. Particularly, netizens recalled the story of Roosevelt delivering a speech for over an hour immediately after being shot in the chest.