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Jordanian Judiciary Sentences 2019 Jerash Stabbing Attack Suspect to Death, Reports Suggest

AMMAN (Sputnik) – The Jordanian State Security Court on Tuesday imposed a death penalty toward one of the perpetrators of the 2019 stabbing incident involving several foreign tourists and citizens in the country’s historic area of Jerash, the state-run Petra news agency reported.

As a result of the attack, which took place in early November of 2019 at a tourist site in the northern city of Jerash, eight people, including foreign travellers from Mexico and Switzerland, a local tourist guide and policemen, were injured.

Prosecutors brought terrorism charges against 22-year-old Moustafa Abourouis in late January of 2020. The court found him guilty of trying to join armed and terrorist organisations and promoting their ideology, Petra reported.

Two other perpetrators were given life imprisonment and a 7-year term in jail, respectively. All of the three convicted are residents of Jerash.

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