Words ‘For Men’ Removed From UK Shower Gel After Deemed Sexist by Unhappy Customers

An uproar arose on social media after a British brand of shower gel and bubble bath targeted men with its relaxing bath products, leaving out women who also “get sore muscles” and “need muscle therapy”.

Customers, unhappy with the bath and shower-gel brand Radox for suggesting its Muscle Therapy Bath Soak range is a product “for men”, have deluged the business with complaints.

​In response to some critical comments online, Radox posted a response:

“Hey Felicity, you’ll be thrilled to know we’re in the process of removing the ‘For Men’ label from our packaging!” Radox said.

Not everyone took the label “for men” quite so seriously. Those who deemed the labelling normal, mocked the critical sentiment.

​On Monday, Unilever, owner of the Radox brand, confirmed that the labelling will be removed. However, it added that some other shower gels will keep the caption “for men”.

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