‘Halfwit’: Piers Morgan Blasts Model Over Her Anti-Vaccination Stance Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Having called out people who are “stuffing their faces with plastic and filler and then banging on about vaccines”, Morgan warned that listening to them “will cost lives.”

English TV personality and model Lauren Goodger ended up being savaged by popular broadcaster Piers Morgan over her stance against COVID-19 vaccination.

According to the Daily Star, Goodger attracted this criticism after comparing the coronavirus to a cold, saying that she’s not worrying about it as she had already “had the virus”, arguing that she “didn’t think it was right for people to wear a mask”, and suggesting that she would refuse getting vaccinated if offered the opportunity.

As Piers Morgan discussed this issue on Good Morning Britain with his fellow host Susanne Reid, he proceeded to make a number of unflattering remarks about what Goodger said, as well as about her appearance.

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