‘Maybe It’s Time For a New Party’: Ex-GOP Senator Calls Trump the Republican ‘Ringmaster’

While sitting president Donald Trump continues to contest the outcome of the presidential election, some fellow Republicans have stepped forward with an initiative to object to the certification of the 14 December Electoral College vote that gave the 2020 White House win to Joe Biden.

Ex-GOP Senator William Cohen has suggested forming a new political party in the United States after he lambasting in an interview to CNN on Thursday those Republicans aiming to challenge the results of the presidential election. Speaking on CNN’s “The Situation Room”, Cohen called the current US president, Donald Trump, the “ringmaster” of the Republican party.

“We have to remember that the current occupant of the White House is a ringmaster and what he expects to do is snap his whip and all the elephants hop up on chairs,” Cohen said. “What they have to understand is he is going to continue to snap the whip whether he’s in office or out of office. And every time they’re going to have to jump up and sit on that stool to satisfy him and his supporters.”

The former Senator also noted that the president has “no moral core”, adding that “he is always going to up the ante, he cannot be satisfied.”

Cohen also suggested that there is a divide in the Grand Old Party, saying that centrist Republicans are very different from Trump allies. He then went on to suggest forming a new political party.

“Maybe it’s time for a new party. One that abides by the rule of law,” Cohen suggested. “But also faithful to the people of this country, who vote to elect them.”

Following Cohen’s remarks, former National Security Adviser John Bolton tweeted that Trump seeks to divide the GOP.

“Apparently, @realdonaldtrump’s last goal is to tear apart his party. He’s lighting the torch to his own political funeral pyre by attacking Republicans who dare not kiss his ring”, Bolton said.

​The comments come as the 6 January joint congressional review of the election results looms. The meeting will be chaired by US Vice President Mike Pence, who was unsuccessfully pressured by some GOP members to join the initiative to object to the Electoral College vote.

GOP Representative Louie Gohmert earlier filed a lawsuit against Pence, insisting that the outgoing VP has the right to overturn the electoral votes, which Pence then sought to have dismissed.

On Friday, Gohmert’s motion against Pence was dismissed by US District Judge Jeremy D. Kernodle, who said the suit lacked the standing to bring a legal action seeking to challenge the election outcome.

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