World Celebrates New Year Amid COVID-19 Restrictions

2021 celebrations around the world have been held under stringent quarantine measures – as COVID-19 case counts continue to rice in many countries.

COVID-19 pandemic changed people’s lives around the world and the New Year is no exception, many people could not leave their house, someone had to celebrate alone, others had to cancel parties or move them online.

Red Square and Times Square were left without spectators, the traditional fireworks display on the London Eye was cancelled in London, and the police were on duty in Paris to prevent mass celebrations.

The vast majority of countries in the world celebrated the New Year with severe coronavirus restrictions.

In most European countries, gathering of large companies on the streets of the cities were prohibited with police units patrolling them. In Germany, for example, there was a ban on mass gatherings, drinking alcohol in public places and launching fireworks. The show at the Brandenburg Gate was also cancelled.  

A new, more infectious strain of the coronavirus is believed to have mutated in England’s southeast which forced many nations to suspend flights from the UK. Parts of England, including London, are under the strictest level of lockdown.

Since the beginning of a new type of coronavirus pandemic a year ago, the death toll from the infection in the world topped 1.811 million and over 83 million cases of the infection were detected.

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