Snail Mail Fail

Fox News television host Tucker Carlson recently claimed that bombshell documents had been uncovered regarding the alleged Hunter Biden scandal that would damage Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, but there was a problem: they got lost in the mail.

Carlson claimed during his show on Wednesday that the new and “damning” Hunter Biden paperwork mysteriously vanished after a producer for the show in New York attempted to ship it to the anchor in Los Angeles overnight on Monday. Oops!

Carlson did not name the courier in his on-air monologue about the disappearance; however, UPS later confirmed to Business Insider that it was the company in question.

Matthew O’Connor, UPS’ senior public relations manager, told Business Insider that the documents had been found and were on their way back to Carlson.

“After an extensive search, we have found the contents of the package and are arranging for its return,” he said on Thursday.

It remains unclear what happened to the shipment, as O’Connor declined to provide further details when prompted. 

How funny that in 2020, with so many ways to transmit documents, it seems that nobody thought to make copies! 

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