Dumb & Trumper

US President Donald Trump is once again attacking the media, calling reporters “criminal” for not covering a recent story about his Democratic challenger Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, while also referring to CNN as “dumb bastards” for the network’s coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moments after landing in Prescott, Arizona, on Monday, Trump went into full gear, immediately attacking Reuters reporter Jeff Mason and the media as a whole by calling journalists “criminals” for not reporting on the New York Post’s controversial Hunter Biden story, which was halted from circulation last week on the platforms of social media giants Facebook and Twitter.

​However, that wasn’t the last of Trump’s rage that pushed against the media as CNN was next on his list. Trump opened his first of two Monday campaign events in the state by declaring that the American people are no longer concerned about the virus – even as it continues to spread in most states.

“They’re getting tired of the pandemic, aren’t they? You turn on CNN. That’s all they cover,” Trump said as his supporters responded with a chorus of boos. “COVID, COVID, pandemic. COVID, COVID, COVID. … They’re trying to talk everybody out of voting.”

“People aren’t buying it, CNN, you dumb bastards,” said the president.

Quick, someone get the president some calming tea!

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