From Trains to Shorts: How Wedding Fashion Has Changed Over the Century

The wedding fashion has evolved over the years, reflecting major trends in the way people dressed.

In the past, a wedding dress’s opulence would demonstrate a family’s wealth. A well-off bride would be swathed in precious stones, a long train and a veil, as well as costly embroidery, to decorate her dress and set the tone for the entire marriage ceremony.

In the 1960s, women opted for mini, ‘baby doll’-style dresses and backcombed their hair for more volume. Breaking stereotypes was the most extravagant thing about wedding dresses at the time.

These days, brides have been known to opt for the more exotic option of shorts or dressed all in black. However, the traditional wedding dress is still a popular choice having remained a classic choice.

Check out Sputnik’s gallery to chart how wedding fashion has evolved throughout the century.

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