Turkey Unveils Next Generation Flying Car Named After 12th-Century Inventor

Currently, the car can carry only one passenger but there will be space for more people in the next version of the vehicle.

Turkey presented its first domestically-manufactured flying car, the Cezeri, late on Tuesday.

According to the aerial platform developer Baykar, the 230-kilogram prototype vehicle successfully completed its maiden flight by covering some 10 metres during the test.

​The car was named after a prominent Muslim inventor and engineer, Ismail al-Jazari, who lived in eastern Anatolia during the 12th century.

Now it can carry only one passenger but the next version of the flying vehicle will have room for more, the manufacturer said. 

Established in 1984, Baykar produces armed and non-armed drones, control systems, as well as simulators and avionics systems.

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