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Improvised Explosive Device Targets British Diplomatic Vehicles in Baghdad, Embassy Says

The United Kingdom is one of more than 60 nations comprising the US-led coalition that has been carrying out airstrikes and operations against the Daesh* terrorist group in Iraq since August 2014 and in Syria since September 2014.

The UK Embassy in Iraq’s capital Baghdad said that an improvised explosive device (IED) attack against British diplomatic vehicles had occurred earlier in the day, Reuters reported. According to the statement, the attack did not cause any injuries.

No armed group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Over the last few months, the US-led coalition has reportedly repositioned to fewer bases but is still providing the same support to security partners in Iraq and Syria, who are maintaining pressure on Daesh.

Earlier today, two Katyusha rockets fell in the Iraqi capital, targeting the so-called green zone, Security Media Cell said in a statement. The strike reportedly targeted the US Embassy. The Baghdad green zone, which hosts Iraqi government facilities and foreign diplomatic missions, frequently suffers from rocket attacks.


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