Alyssa Milano Unleashes a Twitterstorm by Saying The Entire GOP ‘Should Be Tried For Treason’

The excerpts from Bob Woodward’s upcoming book on US President caused some uproar this week after they revealed that the POTUS previously admitted to the veteran Washington Post reporter that he had tried to publicly downplay the COVID-19 threat in the past.

Alyssa Milano said on Thursday that the “entire GOP should be tried for treason” in relation to Donald Trump’s revelations that he had minimized the risks of the coronavirus pandemic and potentially misled the public on the subject in a bid to avoid panic. The disclosure was apparently made during one of his interviews with the Washington Posts’s Bob Woodward in preparation for the reporter’s ‘Rage’ book, which will see the light of day next week. Trump then reiterated the claim during a news conference on Wednesday when directly asked by one of the reporters.