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Hezbollah Was on Verge of War With Israel Minutes After Beirut Blast, Field Commander Says

Last month, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah warned that Israel would pay the price if it turns out that Tel Aviv was behind a powerful blast that ripped through Lebanon’s capital Beirut on 4 August, killing at least 190 people. The Jewish state has repeatedly denied any involvement in the explosion, offering humanitarian aid to Lebanon.

The Nation has cited Hezbollah members Abu Karim and Abu Naim as saying that the Lebanon-based Shia militant group was on the edge of war shortly after the deadly 4 August explosion hit the Lebanese capital Beirut.

Both men have taken a nom de guerre, insisting on anonymity given that Hezbollah fighters are not authorised to speak to Western media.

“In the first moments of the blast we thought we were under attack by Israel. We thought that this is it. It’s on!”, field commander Abu Karim told the US magazine.

He added that all Hezbollah troops were immediately redeployed from the mountains to the coast in southern Lebanon, with rocket system operators “ordered to their missile sites and told to be ready to fire”.

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