UK Home Secretary Patel Claims Facebook ‘Aiding and Abetting’ Migrant Smugglers

On Wednesday, at least 409 migrants reached the UK, in a new single-day record that brought the total almost to 6,000, about five times higher than compared to the same point in 2019.

The Telegraph has quoted an unnamed source close to British Home Secretary Priti Patel as saying that social media platforms, including Facebook, add to endangering migrants’ lives as they are giving a helping hand to people smugglers.

“They are hiding behind semantics. This is content that is aiding and abetting criminals to smuggle people across the borders and they need to take it down. These smugglers are responsible for these crossings and the dangers that sit with them”, the source claimed.

It added that social media companies’ failure to remove this content is “hampering law enforcement in doing their jobs stopping these people making crossings” and that “by leaving this content on their platforms, they are putting people’s lives at risk”.

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