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‘Clusterf**k’: ‘White House Doesn’t Have a Strategy’ on Syria, US Media Claims

In January, President Donald Trump backtracked on his previous pledge to withdraw US forces from Syria, stating that a “small” American contingent would stay in the Arab Republic to “keep the oil”.

Newsweek has cited an unnamed senior US intelligence official as describing Washington’s current strategy in Syria as a “clusterf**k” in light of the forthcoming presidential election.

As the clock is ticking for the 3 November election, “both candidates vow to end the ‘endless wars’ waged by their predecessors”, Newsweek reports, referring to Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden and incumbent President Donald Trump.

The intelligence official, in turn, claimed that the US “doesn’t have a strategy [on Syria]” as the Pentagon continues to keep an American military mission in the Arab country in order “to ensure an enduring defeat” of Daesh*, according to one of the latest press releases by the US Department of Defence.

In October 2019, President Donald Trump, for his part, announced that the US would be withdrawing its forces from Syria, but eventually backtracked, stating that a “small” American contingent would stay behind to “keep the oil” in the Middle Eastern country’s northeast.

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