From Obama’s Birth Certificate to Dancing Coronaviruses: Twitter Edits Melania Trump’s RNC Dress

The first lady’s pick of wardrobe is rarely ignored by eagle-eyed netizens, and even more so if it truly stands out not only for its design, but for its colour.

Melania Trump turned heads Thursday as she donned a flowing bright green gown on the final night of the Republican National Convention, during which her husband solemnly took to the podium, with his better half by his side, to accept the GOP nomination for re-election.

Despite green being a vibrant colour in itself, standing for life and continuity, the hue of the first lady’s dress, as others obviously preferred more subdued colours, appears to be reminiscent of a screen that an editor can replace with any backdrop of their choice to make it more compelling or outstanding.

Here is where the imagination of netizens proved to be utterly unmatched.