Comedy Actor Terry Crews Provokes New Twitstorm With Call To Boycott Strip Club

The former gridiron player turned actor previously made headlines when he tweeted that Black Lives Matter shouldn’t mean “black lives better”.

Actor and activist Terry Crews has sailed into a new Twitstorm with his call for a boycott of a famous strip club in Atlanta, Georgia.

The star of ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ and the ‘Expendables’ film series series tweeted his call to shun the downtown Magic City club on Thursday, adding the hashtag “#blacklovematters”.

Magic City, which almost exclusively features black dancers and is connected to the hip and R&B music scenes, was opened in 1985 by toner salesman Michael Barney.

One customer described the club to Atlanta Magazine as a place where “you can go on Monday night and stand beside a millionaire, the biggest thief in Atlanta, the biggest drug dealer in Atlanta, the police, and one of the biggest rappers or R&B artists in the world—all in the same room.”