Brother of Harry Maguire to Stand Trial After Brawl with ‘Albanian Thugs’ Who ‘Stabbed’ Sister

Harry Maguire and members of his family were arrested on the Greek Island of Mykonos on Friday. Maguire currently plays for Manchester United after leaving Leicester in an £80 million deal last year.

The brother of Manchester United star, Harry Maguire, is expected to go to trial over a scuffle in Mykonos in which a police officer was allegedly punched in response to Maguire’s sister being “stabbed by an Albanian thug”.

According to reports, 28-year old Joe Maguire and another unnamed British man, 29, will be named as suspects in a court list alongside his centre-back sibling on Monday.

Police say that Joe was one of the first two to attack the officers on Thursday night after Harry had allegedly entered into a brawl to protect his sister.

The three suspects have been accused of bodily harm and “serial insult” after spending two nights in a cell and following a court appearance in Syros on Saturday.

The Sun reported that the younger Maguire, 27, and a friend will also stand trial on accusations of serial bribery and violence against officials.

According to reports, their sister Daisy was confronted by “gangster-style” Albanian businessmen. One member of the group began chatting her up.

After she rejected his advances, one of the men plunged a sharp metal straw into her arm, drawing blood and leading to her fainting, prompting Joe Maguire to step in, causing a fight.

Police then intervened, which saw three men, including the Maguire brothers, arrested for attacking the officers.

All suspects have pleaded not guilty. Maguire is believed to be in England and will not have to personally attend the hearing alongside the others after lawyers were permitted to represent him.

The football star, who earns £190,000 per week, was reportedly on a five-hour drinking session prior to his arrest, accumulating a £63,000 bill of vintage champagne, cocktails, steaks, and lobster, according to reports.

He is said to have been on the Greek island with Chelsea midfielder Ross Barkley, Love Island star Chris Hughes, and snooker player Judd Trump, as well as members of his family.

​Rumours emerged that the trial would be suspended due to an outbreak of COVID-19 in the building where it was scheduled to take place. This follows a spike in cases across Greece in recent weeks, as numbers increased from 3,000 in mid-June to 8,664, state health statistics reveal. 

New lockdown measures are being considered in parts of the country, health officials say.

Members of the public and the media could be blocked from attending the trial if it takes place and those inside the building will have to wear face coverings and stick to social distancing.



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