‘Flat-out Liar and Incompetent Pawn’: Sean Penn Roasts White House ‘Coronavirus Testing Czar’

As Penn suggested, the United States is capable of testing all of its citizens for COVID-19 “twice a week”.

The ongoing efforts of the Trump administration to tackle the coronavirus pandemic in the country have been criticized by Sean Penn, American actor and founder of an organization called Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE) which, as The Hill points out, “has partnered with community groups and local governments to administer over a million COVID-19 tests”.

During an interview with CNN host Ana Cabrera, when she mentioned “coronavirus testing czar” Admiral Brett Giroir saying that the administration is doing “everything that we can do” to increase testing capacity in the country, and asked Penn if he has any advice to give “about improvements that need to be made”, the latter had some rather unpleasant things to say.