#AlyssaMilanoIsALie Trending After Rose McGowan Blasts ‘Fraud’ Charmed Co-Star for ‘Stealing MeToo’

In April, MeToo champion Rose McGowan called out actress and feminist Alyssa Milano for endorsing Joe Biden for the presidency, despite him being implicated in sexual abuse allegations. At the time, his ex-staffer had come forward claiming he cornered and inappropriately touched her while he was Senator for Delaware, which Biden denied.

On Friday night users took Twitter to trend the hashtag #AlyssaMilanoIsALie, and it has since kicked into high gear, initially starting with a fiery politically-themed exchange between actress and well-known left-winger Alyssa Milano and her Charmed colleague Rose McGown.

The persona mentioned in the hashtag, Alyssa Milano, naturally couldn’t help paying attention to its torrential spread, as she has been increasingly tagged by those joining in the flashmob.

“Do you think we can get #AlyssaMilanoIsALie to trend number 1 before I fall asleep?”, she wondered cheekily, before attempting to send another veiled dig at her former co-star: