Watch Monstrous Flames Ravaging California as Wildfire Area Grows to Some 215,000 Acres

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The area of wildfires that are striking the central part of California has increased to 215,000 acres over the past 24 hours, the local fire service reported.

“#LNULightningComplex (includes Hennessey, Gamble, 15-10, Spanish, Markley, 13-4, 11-16) in Napa and Sonoma county is 215,000 acres. @CALFIRELNU”, the fire department wrote on Twitter.

According to firefighters, in Sonoma, Lake and Napa Counties, a total of 480 buildings have been destroyed by the fire and 125 more damaged, and the fire has not yet been taken under control. In the meantime, people have shared numerous photos and videos showing thick smoke and raging flames.

​According to NBC, at least five people were killed due to the fires, and tens of thousands have been forced to flee the region.

​At least 62,000 people have been evacuated, the media outlet added.

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