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Videos: IDF Fighter Jets Strike Hamas Posts in Gaza Strip, Air Defenses Intercept Three Missiles

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) confirmed late Thursday that the military service’s aircraft had initiated retaliatory strikes against several Hamas posts in the Gaza Strip.

In its statement on the strikes, the IDF indicated that during the attack one of the targets a “concrete-making site” allegedly used by Hamas-affiliated individuals to build underground infrastructure.

​Photos shared on social media documented massive, fiery blasts within Gaza. The targeted areas included posts near Khan Younis.

Shortly after the initial blasts, the IDF​ released a follow-up statement indicating that the force’s air defense had intercepted three rockets that had been launched from the Gaza Strip.

The recent strikes are the latest in a series that have taken place over the last several days in the area after an Egyptian envoy failed to prevent a further escalation between Hamas and Israel.

The heightened confrontations between the two parties comes after Israel agreed last week to temporarily halt its planned annexation of parts of the West Bank as part of a deal with the United Arab Emirates to normalize diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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