Belarus Opposition Candidate Tikhanovskaya Calls on EU Not to Recognise ‘Fraudulent Election’

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Belarusian opposition politician Svetlana Tikhanovskaya has called on the European Council not to recognise the results of the presidential election in her country, which saw incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko re-elected to his sixth term in office.

In a new video address, Tikhanovskaya stressed that the presidential election, held on 9 August, was “neither fair nor transparent”, and claimed that its results were falsified.

“I call on you not to recognise these fraudulent elections. Mr Lukashenko has lost all legitimacy in the eyes of our nation and the world. In order to facilitate a peaceful transition of power in my country, I have initiated the National Coordination Council of Belarus. It will lead the process of peaceful transition of power via dialogue. It will immediately call for a new, fair, and democratic presidential election with international supervision. Esteemed leaders of Europe, I call on you to support the awakening of Belarus”, Tikhanovskaya said.

The politician also called on the global community to respect the principles of international law, “the sovereignty of Belarus, and the choice of the Belarusian people”.

“People who went out to defend their vote in the streets of their cities all across Belarus were brutally beaten, imprisoned, and tortured by the regime, desperately clinging on to power. Hundreds were injured. At least two people lost their lives”, Tikhanovskaya said, emphasising that the events are unfolding “in the middle of Europe”.

Her video address came as EU heads of state and government are set to hold a summit via videoconference focused on developments in Belarus later on Wednesday.

European Council members said they will discuss the situation based on the principles of self-determination and a peaceful, inclusive political process for Belarusians and and respect for the country’s sovereignty.

Mass protests have continued across Belarus for over a week now since the results of the presidential election were announced on the evening of 9 August, showing incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko securing his sixth term in office with more than 80% of the vote. Opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovsakaya won a little over 10% of the vote, the country’s election committee said. Thousands of people took to the streets after the early results were revealed, accusing the authorities of mass fraud during the election.

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