Can Lava Tubes on the Moon and Mars Become Our New Home?

Lava tubes, also known as a pyroducts, are massive tunnels underneath the surface of planets which are the result of lava flows making their way to the surface during a volcanic explosion. On Earth, they can reach up to 40 metres in diameter.

Lunar lava tubes are solid candidates for human settlements, due to their size, scope, and relative preservation, researchers who analysed these structures on the Moon, Mars and our own planet concluded in their recent study published by Earth-Science Reviews.

Analysing 3D images of collapsed and intact lava tubes on Earth, the Italian team of researchers tried to compare them with all available satellite pics of these collapsed structures on Mars and on the moon. This let them to model the size, eccentricity and depth from the surface of the possible intact pyroducts on these two cosmic objects.

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