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Morales Urges Bolivian Authorities to Use Existing Agreements With Russia to Fight COVID-19

MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) – Former Bolivian President Evo Morales said on Thursday that the current agreements between Russia and Bolivia could facilitate the production and distribution of Russian drugs and a new vaccine against coronavirus.

“The agreements we signed with President [Vladimir] Putin should help us to facilitate the production and distribution of the antiviral Avifavir and the vaccine recently registered by Russia. The de facto government ideology should not impede this,” Morales wrote on Twitter.

Since 2009, when the former Bolivian president first visited Moscow, the countries have signed a wide range of agreements on cooperation in energy, defense and nuclear areas, in international affairs, science and other fields.

Avifavir, the first Russian drug against COVID-19, was approved by the country’s Health Ministry in late May. It has proven 90 percent effective in treating the coronavirus disease during trials. In July, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade received requests for the supply of Avifavir from countries from the Commonwealth of Independent States, Latin America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

On Tuesday, Russia registered the world’s first coronavirus vaccine, which it named Sputnik V. While many countries displayed caution about the fact that the vaccine has yet not finished the last of WHO-prescribed three phases of trials, the Russian Ministry of Health claimed that Sputnik V had undergone all necessary checks and proven to be capable of building immunity against the virus.

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