‘Let’s Go Win’: Politicos, Netizens React to Biden-Harris 2020 Presidential Ticket

Social media activity related to the US’ ongoing protests and the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic took a backseat for a few hours on Tuesday as politicos and everyday netizens provided their opinions on former US Vice President and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s selection of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate.

Former US President Barack Obama issued a statement via social media on Tuesday, expressing that he has known Harris “for a long time” and believes “she is more than prepared for the job.”

“Now let’s go win this thing,” he concluded.

Several other political figures and notable Democrats expressed their support for the new Biden-Harris campaign.

It’s worth noting that Harris, an alumna of Howard University, will be the first graduate of a historically Black college or university tapped for a US presidential ticket in a major political party.

US President Donald Trump’s “War Room” also released a presumably premade video highlighting why it believes Biden and Harris are “wrong for America.”

Supporters of the US president also get their jabs in – with most of them relating to Harris’ criticism of Biden’s stance on desegregation busing.

Harris recently touched on the subject during an appearance on CBS’ “The Late Show with Steven Colbert.”

It was not only right-wing individuals who pushed back against Biden’s selection. A number of people opposed to Trump’s reelection also expressed their disappointment with their options come November.

Although she was not selected as Biden’s VP, former Georgia lawmaker Stacy Abrams’ name was trending Tuesday on Twitter due to Trump supporters, many of whom likened the day’s results to her 2018 gubernatorial campaign loss to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. Many view Kemp’s win as a product of voter suppression.

Abrams herself expressed that she looks forward to doing all she can for the Biden-Harris ticket ahead of the November 3 election. Others previously considered for Biden’s running mate did the same.

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