Trump Says AOC Is ‘Real Beauty’ Who ‘Knows Nothing About Economy’

The president was speaking about the so-called “Green New Deal” proposed by Rep Ocasio-Cortez and some other Democrats, which includes, among other provisions, a ban on fracking and rejoining the Paris Climate Accord.

President Donald Trump has referred to Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a “real beauty” who “knows nothing about the economy” for pushing the “horrendous Green New Deal”, which would be a “socialist takeover of the US economy”.

“AOC, that’s a real beauty, isn’t it?”, Trump said during his speech in Ohio on Thursday. “She knows as much about the environment — do we have any young children here? — as that young child over there. I think he knows more. And she certainly knows nothing about the economy.”

In early June, President Trump criticised the new environmental package as “baby talk” that would “kill” the United States.

“The Green New Deal would have a devastating effect on the world and it’s not going to happen anyway because it’s impossible for them to do it, if you ever look at what they want to do under the Green New Deal, it’s like baby talk”, the president said.

AOC earlier defended the Green New Deal, claiming it would not cost a dollar if passed. Senator Bernie Sanders, who dropped out of the Democratic presidential race in April, also endorsed the proposals and vowed that by combating climate change he would save the United States as much as $70.4 trillion over 80 years.

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