Two Security Personnel Killed in Fratricide Incident in Indian State of West Bengal

New Delhi (Sputnik): Over time the Indian government has been taking steps to provide a healthy environment for security personnel. Despite these efforts, however, incidents of a person killing their colleagues or seniors in the security forces are often reported.

Two security personnel from India’s Border Security Force, the primary border guard organisation, were shot dead by a constable in their unit in India’s West Bengal on Tuesday, security officials said.

According to a Border Security Force (BSF) official, the incident occurred around 3:30 a.m. local time in the village of Bhatun.

“The unit commander had to persuade the constable for a long time to drop his weapon. The constable was then taken into custody as soon as he surrendered”.

The reason behind Constable Uttam Sytradhar opening fire at his colleagues is unclear. The deceased have been identified as Commandant Mahendra Singh Bhatti and Constable Anuj Kumar.

A probe, meanwhile, has been ordered into the incident which took place near the India-Bangladesh border.

The Indian government is organising special sessions under its mental health rogramme for stress management of paramilitary forces as over the years a large number of suicide cases have come to light. A total of 95 cases have been reported.

Several military officials cited frustration and being away from family as major reasons behind security personnel developing such a tendency.

Federal Home Minister Amit Shah, presently undergoing treatment for COVID-19, had earlier directed the security chiefs to ensure that a constable gets to stay with his family for about 100 days a year.

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