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Beijing Urges US to Not ‘Open Pandora’s Box’ by Demanding Sell of TikTok to US Company

BEIJING (Sputnik) – Beijing has urged Washington to refrain from setting an example that other countries could follow against US businesses by demanding that video-sharing platform TikTok be sold to an American corporation, as the US could otherwise fall victim to similar circumstances, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said.

“Following the US’ erroneous logic, any country can take similar measures against any American company under the pretext of protecting national security. The US should not open Pandora’s box, otherwise, they will reap the bitter fruits themselves”, Wang said at a briefing.

The spokesman also called on Washington to take heed of the international community and the US public and to not politicise economic issues but provide an open, non-discriminatory, free investment and business environment for companies.

On Monday, US President Donald Trump said during a meeting at the White House that he has set 15 September as the deadline for TikTok to be bought by an American company, such as Microsoft, or close down.

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