Washington Ethics Office Releases Trump’s Self-Reported 2019 Financial Records

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The United States Office of Government Ethics on Friday released President Donald Trump’s self-reported financial records for 2019.

According to the document, signed off by the president himself, various revenue streams brought the Trump estate a total of $446 million. This is slightly up from the $434.9 million reported in 2018, but below the 2017 total of $452 million.

Trump’s luxury Florida resort Mar-a-Lago, nicknamed the southern White House due to the president’s frequent visits, raked in over $21 million. This is compared to the $22.7 million brought in the previous year.

Trump’s winnings from his namesake hotel near the White House, which has been accused of hosting foreign delegations looking to curry favor with the president, came in at $40.5 million, similar to the previous year’s results.

Trump also garners an annual $78,000 pension from his membership at the Screen Actors Guild and earns north of $100,000 from book sales of his famous The Art of the Deal.

These figures are by and large self-reported and not subject to audit or government verification.

Trump’s finances have been subject of much speculation since before his presidential bid, with many believing the figures to be inflated.

The president has fought vehemently in multiple court cases to block any publication of his tax records, which would show a more accurate reflection of his net worth and earnings.

He remains the only president in the past five decades to not release his tax returns and to not definitively divest from his businesses while in the Oval Office.

The figures include only the fiscal year of 2019 and do not reflect the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic may have had on Trump’s businesses.

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