Old Video of Trump Filling Provisional Ballot Emerges Amid US President’s Attacks on Mail-In Voting

As the video in question spread on Twitter, some netizens argued that absentee voting, which Trump appears to be seen doing, is not exactly the same as mail-in voting.

While US President Donald Trump criticized the prospects of using mail-in ballots in the 2020 election, arguing that it might open the electoral process up to interference and fraud, footage from over a decade ago recently started circulating online, apparently showing Trump using an absentee ballot to vote.

According to CNN, the video in question is an “Access Hollywood” segment “filmed as Trump was attempting to vote in the 2004 election”.

The video shows Trump, after having been blocked from voting at multiple NYC locations he and host Billie Bush visit due to the former not being on any of the voter rolls, declaring his intent to “fill out the absentee ballot” and then “filling out what Bush describes as a provisional ballot in his car”, as the media outlet puts it.