Kanye West Reveals What Made Him Cry & Ponders the ‘Tactic of Four D’s’ Online

While quite a few social media users reacted to Kanye’s tweets, a number of them seemed more interested in the rapper’s upcoming new album rather than the messages themselves.

Popular American rapper Kanye West has once again shared his thoughts with his sizeable social media audience, in a couple of tweets that appear to be his first activity online following a reunion with his wife Kim Kardashian earlier this week.

In one of the messages, Ye revealed how he cried about the thought of aborting his “first born”, adding that while “everyone was so concerned about him”, he is “concerned for the world that feels you shouldn’t cry about this subject”.

In the second post, Kanye mused about a “tactic of four D’s”, which apparently stands for “distract discredit dismiss to destroy”.