Masked About-Face

US President Donald Trump has previously not worn a mask during the novel coronavirus pandemic, reportedly fearing that it would make him look like a weak leader. Now, however, he is saying that masking up is patriotic and that nobody is more patriotic than him. What?

On Monday, a huge backlash occurred immediately after Trump tweeted a photo of himself in a mask after he was seen wearing one in public for the first time last week, following months of refusing to do so. The president suddenly claimed that wearing a face mask is “patriotic” after regularly forgoing the important health and sanitation precaution, which health officials say can stem the spread of COVID-19. 

However, it wasn’t too long ago that Trump was suggesting donning a facial covering was simply a preference, or mocking reporters and his rival, former vice president Joe Biden, for wearing masks.

Did Trump just black out the past six months? Is this real life?

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