International Bikini Day Erasing Borders: Stunning Soviet Beauties Enjoying Summertime in Swimsuits

The world celebrates International Bikini Day – one of the hottest holidays, held during the hottest days of the year. But this is not the best time for photo sessions in crowded places, so we’re going to show you some beauties from the past, so that you may appreciate their vintage appeal.

Any other summer, it would be impossible to visit your favourite social media site without encountering hundreds of pictures of girls in revealing bikinis, posing at their favourite resorts. While 2020 may not offer the same travel opportunities, it’s always possible to turn back the pages of time. As it turns  out, there were a lot of extremely hot pics even in the Soviet Union, when Russian women from years past enjoyed the summer just like everyone else, and had no problem wearing the most gorgeous swimsuits!

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